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tv   Fox 5 News at 11  FOX  May 8, 2011 11:00pm-11:15pm EDT

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that driver had to be hospitalized, but beckham was not hurt. police say he will not be charged. it's official, paula abdul is the last judge to sign on to the x factor. the highly anticipated singing competition began taping last week and debuts on fox 5 this fall. >> that is a duo people have missed. >> yes. i can't wait to see that show. >> looks fun. and $5 million at stake. >> if only i could sing. the news edge at 1 1:00 starts right now. a mother's day fire in arlington, forcing nine people out of their homes. tonight the victims are speaking with fox 5. good to have you with us. i'm will thomas. >> i'm maureen umeh.
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happened on the upper floor on north ivy street in arlington. two young women say they lost everything they owned. audrey? >> that's right. the women lived on the upper floor of this apartment house. a family of four, and their uncle who owned the building lives on the lower floors. nearly everyone was in the building when the blaze started and sent them scrambling to get out. >> the landlord came up, and i thought it was one of the roommates playing a joke, locked out, and i got out there. the house is on fire, and i was like, what? i just ran out and the entire back of the house was up in flames. >> reporter: within minutes the back of the apartment house was engulfed in flames. neighbors tore out of their homes to warn the people living there to get out. >> i saw the flames and i freaking out. i was like, oh, no, mom, mom!
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my mom was upstairs and i had to run downstairs. i ran. two of the kids were already out. >> reporter: the family of four made it out, but no one could find their two pet cats. by the time the fire was contained, it was inches away from the rooms of abbey blocker, and elizabeth grambler who lived on the top floor. >> everything we own is probably ruined, so -- >> except for what we're wearing now. >> reporter: as bad as it was, it could have been worse. >> i'm glad the kids got out, because i could tell they were upset. they're crying. i don't know where they are. i think they took them somewhere. >> our other roommate wasn't home, and her room got the worst. she's coming back and knows what happened. >> reporter: the fire will make this a memorable mother's day for all the wrong reasons. >> i haven't told the mother at this point. i don't think that's a good mother's day surprise. might hold off until tomorrow,
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see what happens. >> we just checked, arlington fire officials still don't know what caused the fire. they think it may have started on the upstairs porch out back. maureen? thank you, audrey. early morning fire has left two people homeless. firefighters say conditions were intense when they arrived after midnight to the home. investigators still trying to figure out what started the fire. damage estimated at $150,000. home invasion near the campus of georgetown university. the thieves were armed. as karen gray houston complains, the university public safety department is looking for three suspects. >> reporter: the 3500 block of s street in the burleith neighborhood above georgetown, they call it the village in the city. used to be pretty quiet. until recently. >> the past few months actually there's been quite a bit of
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action around here. not armed robberies or burglaries. usually on the streets. >> reporter: like muggings? >> yeah. at knife point or gunpoint, and then the assailants are getting away in a car. >> reporter: then there was the home invasion at this house late friday night, saturday morning. police say there are three suspects. one of them had a handgun and they came here looking for one person in particular. the e-mail that went out to and shocked the georgetown university community said a georgetown student and a former student live at the house, that the suspects were looking for a nonstudent resident who was not there at the time. >> because it's just like one of those things that you think never will happen to you. once you hear about it, you just think of it as unfortunate event, and just feel sorry for whoever it happened to. >> reporter: the suspects ransacked the house and got away with laptops and cell
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phones. word is, one victim was beaten. neighbors acustommed to loud parties at homes rented to students, are trying to keep the crime in perspective. >> i feel quite safe, because that completely irregular situation as far as i was concerned. had nothing to do with anyone in the neighborhood, other than the people in the house. >> reporter: karen gray houston, fox 5 news. two new york city congressmen pushing for more justice for 9/11 victims and first responders. the two congressmen say the $15 million in bin laden's bounty money should go to the families. it appears america's intelligence network not tipsters led to bin laden's death, and that means no one may actually qualify to receive the money as it was originally
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intended. president obama says bin laden had a support network in pakistan, but stopped short of calling the country complicit. in an interview with "60 minutes," the president said -- >> the president gave the order at the end of april to pursue leads that bin laden was holed up in a compound in abbottabad. it is no surprise the sunday morning talk shows focused today on the death of bin laden and what it means for american intelligence. melanie alnwick shows us politicians and leaders of every stripe agree the impact is a big one. >> reporter: now that the world's most wanted terrorist is dead, those who led the hunt for osama bin laden were front and center on the sunday morning talk shows. >> on fox news sunday.
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>> reporter: current national security advisor tom done no 11 said inintel collected from the raid is invite valuable. >> still looking at it. the size is notable. the largest cache that we know of. secondly, to give you the sense of the size, the size of a small college library. osama bin laden was not just a symbolic leader of al-qaida. in fact, he had operational and strategic roles he was playing. >> reporter: on meet the press, former new york city mayor rudy giuliani urged caution before rushing to judgment about our uneasy allies. >> before we comment on it, we better be right about it. >> reporter: then what to do in afghanistan. senator john kerry said he'll be meeting with president karzai. >> the question is, can we perform that mission more effectively? can we do it in a way with less
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troops, less footprints in afghanistan? >> reporter: back on meet the press, former cia director hayden argued now is not the time to ease up. >> our tempo should increase. this could be a we should press the fight. >> reporter: how we got to bin laden hotly debated and whether controversial interrogation techniques are justified. former secretary of defense rumsfeld. >> it's clear they worked and to have taken them away i think was mistake. >> reporter: and dick cheney with praise for president obama. >> you have to give him a lot of credit for making the decision to have the seal team 6 conduct the raid that got bin laden. no question that was his responsibility, and i think he
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handled it well. high marks for making that decision. >> reporter: melanie alnwick, fox 5 news. coming up, redskins' former executive director weighs in on the draft. mother nature is working for us. no shortage of sunshine in the week ahead. wait until i tell you how long it sticks around. we'll be back after the break.         
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hopefully all our mothers had a nice mother's day today. 74degrees at national. same at dulles, and 75 at baltimore. nice day, just an odd sprinkle here and there. other than that, fairly well for all other mothers. we've got 59 degrees in annapolis and 56 at baltimore. light win, nothing much to be concerned with there. had the odd sprinkle or two and light shower that's moved through. short wave that pushed through to the southeast. that now getting out of the way, and the cloud coverage we had becoming partly cloudy versus mostly cloudy. we are going to be looking at the sunshine setting itself up. cloudy skies that will become
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partly cloudy into the course of overnight. tomorrow, plenty of sunshine. that's going to stick around until the later part of the week, when we'll have another disturbance. sunshine tomorrow, temperatures in the low to mid-70s. mild and just pleasant. the good news is that will be sticking around. for tonight, 53 degrees overnight low. northerly wind at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow, winds pick up a little bit. 5to 10 miles per hour. mostly sunny skies. mild and pleasant. here's a look at that five-day forecast. look at the sunshine. that ridge of high pressure settling in. by friday, we have another disturbance that could bring us a chance of a thunderstorm or two. in the meantime by thursday, temperatures start to rise. above seasonal and look at this, what great weather. once again, happy mother's day. >> thanks, gwen. is it too early to say happy mother's day to you? >> no. i've been getting that a lot
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today. >> good. happy mother's day. that's going to do it for us. lindsey is up next with sports extra two minutes away. >> bye. have a great week. a
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